You might be aware of hypnosis because nowadays it is a very popular trend to cure some psychological and mental disorders. However, have you ever heard of convert hypnosis? What are the differences between traditional hypnosis and convert hypnosis?

In general, convert hypnosis is a form of conversation. One person performs hypnosis techniques on the other part without his/her knowledge. And the other’s emotion and subconsciousness are influenced by the performer. If you want to perform convert hypnosis on the other person, you’d better choose when the person is awake, and you use conversation as a tool to make the other person into a trance state unwittingly.

Actually convert hypnosis has been existing for many decades and has been used as a tool to hypnotize some people. For example, in politics, in history, Hitler was known as an experienced convert hypnotist. He effectively used the techniques to control the whole nation effectively.

If you have learned the hypnosis techniques, you’d better know and learn convert hypnosis as well because it could change your life style as well as the others around you. There are several reasons listed here explaining how important the covert hypnosis techniques are.

1. On the positive side, you can apply the skill you learned to help people solve their various mental and psychological disorders such as stress relief, quitting smoking, overeating habit and weight control. Because the person influenced doesn’t know while you are performing the techniques, his mind has been reset by your performance of convert hypnosis. Thus it has been recognized the result is usually remarkable in a short period of time.

2. It can be considered as self-defence. Nowadays, the internet world has evolved significantly. You can easily find media to learn the skill and it can also be considered as a gift for yourself to self-defend yourself if someone performs the covert hypnosis without your knowledge. However if you have the knowledge and skill, it is very easy for you to be noticed once you feel someone around is manipulating the techniques and attempting to get you into a trance state so that you will be controlled. Once you grasp the skill, you will be always conscious and won’t be manipulated.

Up to now you should have some insights concerning what covert hypnosis is about. Such a powerful hypnosis technique, imagine if you can master the essence of techniques and perform it very well after taking a proper training, you will eventually grasp the essence and use it to improve your quality of life. Once it happens, you will be excited and amazed about the outcome.

Overall, hypnotherapy is a really pain free treatment. Nowadays it has been adopted by many people, and even some people started to learn the techniques themselves and hypnotize themselves at home. Covert hypnosis is just part of hypnosis. If you want to learn the techniques and master the skill, you need to be aware of performing the techniques honestly without disturbing other people. You need to always consider it as a treatment and let either yourself or your patients benefit from your performance. Only by doing it, you will realize your value. Controlling other’s mind or taking advantage of performing the techniques, you only destroy your reputation. However if you consider it as your value and cure other disorders, in a long run, both you and your patients will eventually relieve their mental pain and develop a healthy life style.

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