Do you believe in hypnosis? Have you ever suffered insomnia and sought therapy to kill the symptom? Does hypnosis work and how does it work?

What is hypnosis? In therapy, hypnosis is defined as a person experiencing a sense of deep relaxation and in the meantime, the attention is vanished and leads to a light sleep.

How Does It Work?

When a person is in a hypnotic state, his consciousness will be alert in a way that the left-hand side of brain is switched off, whereas the right-hand side of the brain is more alert but the subconscious mind is awoken. Due to the subconsciousness, the mind is more alert than the conscious mind. In the meantime, the patient’s physical behaviour will be alert.

When a person experiences a hypnosis treatment, he/she is still consciously aware of their surroundings but his/her major consciousness has been turned off and only the subconsciousness is still on. They still receive the given command by the therapist. After the treatment, some extraordinary habits will be taken off and once they are awoken and their stress and anxiety, for example, will be abolished. Some patients go through the treatment to cure their stress related insomnia and get rid of stress suffered from daily work.

What Problems Can Be Treated By Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is considered a method of pain free therapy to cure many physical emotional disorders, and it won’t leave any side effects to the patients. It has been applied to cure and overcome smoking and alcoholism addictions. The patients won’t suffer any medical side effects but it takes normally a longer time length to kill the symptom. According to clinical studies, if a person suffers chronic asthma, by taking hypnotherapy treatments, the symptom can be controlled and restrained.

Another example is hypnotherapy can cure depression. When a patient suffers a serious depression, he/she would take the treatment and his/her mind will be at rest and temporally forget their suffering, the major consciousness is in a deep relaxation state.

Some people might not believe the hypnotherapy really works and can be applied as a treatment. But the facts and clinical studies prove that the hypnotherapy does work. It has been applied in many medical fields and believed that it does have impact on our human brains and many scientific studies have officially proven that patients who experience the treatment and some diseases have been diagnosed and cured.

Another good example is to cure phobias. Some people are scare of height and they can’t live in a high rise building. One of best treatments can be hypnotherapy. When the patients are in hypnotic status, their brains are in an extremely relaxed condition. After the treatment, the patients are not nervous and uncomfortable about height. They can stand by windows or climb mountains.

However hypnotherapy might not work on everyone, if you are not sure if it will work on you or not, please visit your hypnotherapist and don’t just simply follow the trend. In some cases, you are still prescribed some medicines to cure the symptoms rather than just undergoing hypnotherapy.

Nowadays, hypnotherapy has become an increasingly popular treatment and viewed as an effective method to treat stress, weight, anxieties, phobias, pain and fears. But there are still many sceptics which can’t be explained in words however there are many successful clinical cases.