A lot of people do not realize that it is possible to hypnotize someone without them knowing. Most people would think about circular mazes or pendulums when they think about hypnosis, but these instruments are not necessary. Experts would claim that most people are getting hypnotized several times each day, and most do not realize that they are being under the process. This article is going to cover a few important steps when it comes to hypnotizing someone without them knowing. Before that, the page will inform you on what are the effects of hypnosis on a person.

Effects Of Hypnosis

If you ask an average person how a hypnotized person might behave, chances are they would answer as a person staring at nothingness, state of trance and complying with commands and suggestions. This is a misconception that is popularized by sci-fi films. In reality, the effects are of the opposite. In fact, a person who is hypnotized partially knows the state he or she is in and events and surroundings around him or her. Hypnosis can be described a state of increased responsiveness and heightened alertness that can be induced to a person, either with their consent or without them knowing they are being hypnotized. For most people when being under the spell of hypnosis, they would not feel anything out of the ordinary.

Hypnotizing Someone Without Them Knowing – A How To Guide

The art and science of putting someone under the spell of hypnosis without their knowledge is referred as cover hypnosis. There are a lot advantages in covert hypnosis. It can greatly work to your advantages, and you will also obtain results in record time. The key ingredient in successfully hypnotizing someone covertly is your ability to hold the focus of your subject and allow them to respond to your hypnosis suggestions. The steps below are a short list of how you can increase your chances of hypnotizing someone covertly.

Grabbing the focus and attention of your subject is the first step. What you are aiming is to establish a line of connection, and this is best done through conversation.

Once you have started the conversation, begin engaging as many senses of your subject as you can. You are aiming that your subject will be deeply involved with your conversation. The speed and depth of the subject’s involvement is a determining factor of the covert hypnosis speed. As a tip, make use of vivid descriptions and colorful imagery.

You overall goal is to control and overpower the subject’s train of thought. When you achieve a certain level of success, your subject should be receptive to suggestions you may present.