You might not believe that you can actually hypnotize someone instantly. The theory is very simple and highly possible. You don’t need to be very powerful and you just need to learn hypnosis techniques and understand and know how to apply them on a person who gives you permission to do so. It is not difficult at all but before doing it, you must believe hypnosis is real and it is not a magic trick played on someone.

Here are two types introducing how to hypnotize someone instantly.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

First you need to gain permission from a patient who is willing to go into a trance state. Once you have learned how to use hypnotic voice and technique, you can practise those theories on the patient. This type of hypnosis is very safe and has no side effect and has been commonly used in hypnotherapy to heal patients’ pain, stress, insomnia, or phobia problems. The hypnotic stage can be terminated at any time if the person wishes to.

The second type of hypnosis is covert hypnosis. When you hypnotize someone, he/she is not aware of what you are doing. By doing hypnosis this way, you can help yourself to achieve your goal because once the person is in a trance state, and you can put your commands and suggestions into the person’s brain. However many dishonest people apply this type to achieve their target and it is highly recommended not to apply. Generally the person applying hypnosis is to achieve a cure and heal the other’s sufferings and reduce the severity of symptoms. Learn more about how does hypnosis work.

Below will introduce the way you can apply to hypnotise someone instantly. Please follow the step and go through each of them.

  • Let the person sit in front of you face to face. And you also need to sit and let the person put his hands on your palm.
  • Instruct the person to look at your eyes to start eye contact.
  • You start to count numbers from 1- 3, in the meantime, you instruct the person to press down on your hand instantly.
  • Once this action starts, you instruct him to press down your hands harder.
  • Then you use your other hand to cover his eyes, slowly shading them and caressing down.
  • When you repeat this action, you also need to say “it is very late, you are so tired, do you feel your eyes getting droopy, closing your eyes and drowsy, doze off and sleep.  Once you say the word ”sleep”, you need to slip your hand away from the person’s eyes so that the person has a feeling of sleeping.

If it is the first time for you to learn the techniques, you can practise them on your relatives to see the outcome and result. Once you master them, you can just follow those steps to hypnotise people instantly.

If you feel that you encounter some difficulties and the person you were trying to hypnotise is not into a trance state, there are two reasons for it. First you are lack of confidence, and in this case you need to practise more to get the techniques working.

Although you practise a lot, the techniques still don’t work. In this situation, you need to figure out what type of person you work on. There are two types of people in this world – analytical and non-analytical people. Analytical people care about details too much and it is really hard to get this type of person into a trance state. But for those non-analytical types of people, the mindset theory does work on them. In this world, 95% of the people fall into this category therefore the instant hypnosis really works on them. Overall, hypnotising someone instantly is real.

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