Do you know how to hypnotise yourself? If you master the techniques, you can do it at any time and in a very peaceful place so that you can help yourself to conquer many difficulties in your life such as quitting smoking, control your overeating habit, get rid of your fear, improve your sleep quality and relieve your stress.  Hypnotising yourself is easy. Here are some techniques and steps you can follow to achieve your goal.

1. First all, you need to find a quiet and peaceful place either at home or somewhere outside of your home, such as your backyard. If you want to overcome your bad living habits, you need persistent and continuous practise on them until your bad living habits are completely overcome. If you pick your home as a place, before you start to practise the techniques, you’d better turn off your phone ring so that you will not be disturbed and distracted once you are in a trance state, otherwise you will be shocked. In the meantime, if you hypnotise yourself during the night time, you’d also better turn off all lights sitting in the dark so that you can concentrate on your practising.

2. Find a comfortable place and stand up straight with your feet on the floor.

3. Determine the length you would like to put yourself in a trance state so that your mind can wake up yourself and gain your consciousness back once time is up.

4. Focus your eyes straight ahead and don’t roll over your eyes instead, pick an object at your eye level staring at it.

5. Take some deep breaths from your stomach to relax yourself. Once you are staring at an object long enough, you feel your eyelids are heavier and your mind is switched off.

6. Continue to take deep breaths and imagine that your tension will be relieved from your body. At this stage, you feel the muscles on your face are relaxing and your stress is leaving your body. You keep this state for your desired length until you are completely relaxed.

7. Once you achieved your goal, you can start to wake yourself up. Under this state, you feel your energy is powered up.

8. Once your mind is fully back, you can enjoy your relaxing moment and stretch your arms and legs.

Up to now, you know how to hypnotise yourself and be aware of what benefits you can gain from it. Set hypnosis as your regular daily routine, and practise them every day and you will gain many pleasures and relieve yourself. Over a period of time, you will see some changes happening to yourself. For example, if you use it to quit your smoking habit, you find that the amount of cigarettes you smoke is decreased because your mindset has switched off looking for cigarettes. If you want to cure your insomnia problem, because your tension and stress are relieved, and you easily fall asleep during the night because your attention is not distracted by many delusions in your mind.

Hypnosis is a really pain free treatment, the hypnotherapy has been adopted by many people and has become more and more popular because the treatment doesn’t require any medication and it won’t leave any side effects. If you believe it, you will benefit from it.