Woody Harrelson played a talented street magician that used hypnosis to his advantage to bilk his marks out of all their spare cash. He would hypnotize the wife and then by using the power of observation would ask the husband questions to get incriminating information against him. He then requested a sizable payment from the husband to keep the information from the his wife. Sleazy? Yes! However the hypnosis was effective on the wife to keep her from learning about her husbands transgressions.

That is not what hypnosis is about. Hypnosis is a clinically tested method of helping people conquer personal shortcomings. A good hypnotist can guide a willing subject to help them lose weight, stop smoking, or stop procrastinating. Hypnosis has helped people overcome fears and has been used to help returning veterans overcome post war syndromes. So for all the evil you see on television or at the movies there are thousands of certified hypnotists helping people cope with this world and lead many to thrive.

To become a hypnotist you should began by checking the requirements of the state you wish to practice in. Some are more restrictive than others so you will need to know these things beforehand. In Arizona you will need to attend an accredited 100 hour hypnotherapy course to get certified and be able to open a practice. Other states may be similar. For those who want to become clinically certified and be able to help patients with more involved deeper seated problems you can continue in an extra 200 hour course.

Hypnotist is a rather vague term and conjures up thoughts of the mysterious man swinging a watch and telling the subject they are “getting sleepy”. After your certification you will have the designation of hypnotherapist. You can then open up a practice and help people with hundreds of problems while making a lucrative income.

A common session begins by assuring the patient they are safe and that they will not do anything they don’t want to do. You then have them relax and you begin giving commands in a slow hypnotic manner. Once the patient is in the hypnotic state you continue to give commands such as you enjoy eating healthy vegetables to someone who needs to lose weight, for example. After finishing the commands you bring them out of the hypnotic state and assure them they will remember everything. Helping people overcome problems is the great benefit of being a hypnotherapist.