When hypnosis becomes a subject of discussion, some people doubt if it is real or fake and people feel it hard to distinguish it. However, according to both medical studies and clinical practices, hypnosis has been proven to be real and has been promoted and has become a very popular method to treat patients mental disorders such as insomnia, stress and anxiety; it is a totally pain free therapy and has been adopted by public. The theory applied on practice is to relax patients’ mind and set their mind into a trance state. It seems that patients’ mind has been controlled and fall asleep, and temporarily lose consciousness.

When patient is in a trance state, it appears that the hypnotherapist uses a soft and gentle voice so as to induce the patient to get into a relaxed state and accomplish and manipulate relaxation set on the patient’s mind.

If you are willing to take hypnotherapy to cure your mental disorder issue, the first thing is to understand the therapeutic techniques. It is a very necessary step before you are hypnotised.

For the patients who have undergone the therapy, the outcome is amazing. Their disorders can be completely cured but also they won’t suffer from any medical side effects because there is not any medication involved. The patients only experience mind relaxation. And after the session, their muscles are not tired and their energy is recovered. The patients go back work as normal.

The hypnotic trance state in theory is far beyond an altered state of conscience. In the hypnosis session, the patient feels extremely relaxed, the patient’s attention and concentration have been hypnotised and can’t be distracted.

Another important aspect is that the hypnotherapist doesn’t have supernatural powers, he/she doesn’t play a magic game on the patients, what he/she can do is to set the mind in a relaxing state and the patient gets the mind relaxed. A good therapist manipulates those techniques properly and when the patient undergoes the sessions for a few months, he/she can see a significant change on his/her mental disorder. He/she at least doesn’t feel it hard to fall asleep at night and they won’t feel anxious about any words they heard. They become less conscious than before.

Keep in mind, not everyone can be hypnotised, some people feel the techniques are never practical on them. Their mindset is still anxious, stressful and distracted. This symptom is very common, and indicates you should seek another medical treatment to cure your mental disorder.

According to the clinical practices, it seems those people who are imaginative and creative are easily hypnotised. Their mind is willing to accept new things, and they have a less fearful mind. Because of their open mind behaviours, their minds are well set and they seldom suffer anxiety, stress or insomnia because they are positive to accept any changes, and are never bothered by a new challenge.

Based on many facts, hypnosis can be manipulated by person self as a self-help method. The self-practitioner can choose a quiet and a noise free place and either sit down or stand to set their mind in a relaxing state. But before practising the techniques, the person better get him/her fully prepared and master the principle of techniques otherwise the failure will cause the self- practitioner give up half way and gain nothing.

Overall, hypnosis is real; it has been proven to have a magnificent and positive treatment outcome. Any patients having adopted the techniques considered it as a safe and pain free treatment as their life long treatment.